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A.W. Doors is a commercial timber door and hardware installer with 30 years' experience in the industry A.W. Doors is also an accredited fire door installer.

A.W. Doors install timber doors to prefab frames including Aluminum, metal and timber, we at A.W. doors have developed a unique way to install timber doors, less lifting less damage to doors we only use doorminator door lifters to install doors. Using doorminator door lifters eliminates half the tilting on corners this only happens at work station where we have rubber mats Setout to cushion between concrete and door edges eliminating damage to edges of doors keeping painters happy.

A.W. Doors only use the latest technology installing timber doors and always updating to make install quicker and easier.

A.W. Doors management team will also manage door hardware and doors delivery, this includes sifting though door schedule picking out what is required and anything that is missing from door schedule our management team will also be on site checking door delivery (doors may be missing doors could be wrong code types according to door codes this process will eliminate time and money costs to builder and subcontractor).

A.W. Doors management team will be on site checking door hardware when delivered eliminating missing hardware which can cost builder and subcontractor time and money. Depending on site A.W. Doors will set out door furniture allowing employees to walk in take what they need walkout saving time and money for builder or subcontractor.

A.W. Doors will also check Metal door frames before delivery checking prep is right especially on fire door frames that all prep has been carried out before delivery eliminating manufacture beaning on site to fix or subcontractor day labour cost to builder.

A.W. Doors management team will also check precast concreate openings sizes for metal door jambs especially on stairwell fire doors openings allowances the fire door to open more than 90 degrees as most do not allow for handles and door closer.

Eliminate the headache of timber door installation by contracting A.W. Doors to look after all your door needs.

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